Current Version: 2.4.0

Welcome to the official StayHealthyBot site, and thanks for taking the time to stop by and check us out! Here you will find everything you need to know about StayHealthyBot and how it works.


  • Timed health alerts in your channel with user definable timeframes and lengths.
  • On demand Health Facts.
  • Word of the Day
  • Dad Jokes!


  • Type !shbjoin to have SHBot join your channel.

    Will only join channel of user performing command. Cannot be used to join SHBot to channel other than that of user running command.

  • Type !shbleave to have SHBot part your channel.

    In StayHealthyBot’s channel - Parts bot from channel of user performing command.
    In User’s channel - Parts bot from channel; Can be used by channel owner or channel mod.

  • Type !shbalerts to enable/disable alerts.

    Alerts are enabled by default!
    Used in your channel only!
    Can be used by Channel Owner or a Channel Mod.

  • Type !shbtime and a number from 1 to 5.

    Alerts time is set to 2 hours by default.
    Sets alert time interval for when channel is live.
    Example 1: !shbtime 1 - Sets alerts to 1 hour intervals.
    Example 2: !shbtime 2 - Sets alerts to 2 hour intervals.

  • Type !shbshort to get shortened alerts.

    In User’s channel - sets to shortened alerts; Can be used by channel owner or channel mod.
    Example of Alerts: Screenshot

  • Type !shbfact to get random health fact.

    This is a static list of facts that SHBot pulls from randomly. If you find an incorrect fact, or would like one added please open a request via the SHBot Issue Tracker.

  • Type !shbwotd to get the Word of the day, it’s etymology, and it’s definition.

    There is a slight delay from the command being issued to it returning the data. Additionally each part is returned as it’s own message to make sure the Twitch Chat Character Limit isn’t hit.

  • Type !shbdad to get a random Dad Joke!

    Usable by Channel Owner, Channel Mods, and Channel Subscribers. This will help limit spam of this command by those troll types.

  • Type !shbcommands for a link to this page via whisper.
  • Type !shbissue to get link to the SHBot Issue Tracker via whisper.